nanoloop sync and data transfer

These cables connect to the Game Boy's link port with the smaller version of the plug which is compatible with GB Pocket, GB Color and GB Advance (but not the original Dot Matrix Game Boy). Cables made by analogue.

Cables are vailable in the nanoloop online shop.

analog sync cable

- For devices with analog sync (Volca, Pocket Operator etc)
- Link port <-> mini jack
- Send clock
- Receive clock
- High sensitivity, works with audio levels

Requires a 3.5mm mini jack cable.

MIDI sync cable

- MIDI connector -> link port
- Send MIDI clock to nanoloop from MIDI devices

Requires a MIDI cable.

This cable is for sync only, it can not transfer other MIDI data.

USB-MIDI cable

- MIDI sync nanoloop to programs on a PC (DAWs, such as Ableton Live for example)
- transfer patterns and songs to PC
- update nanoloop carts (2.2+ / 1.6+)


link cable

To sync two nanoloops, connect the Game Boys via link cable. All link cable models work, except for the GBA multiplayer cable.

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