nanoloop updates

Nanoloop one, nanoloop mono and nanoloop 2.2+ carts can be updated via the USB-MIDI adaptor.

Latest ROMs

nanoloop 1.7.6

nanoloop mono 1.0.5

nanoloop 2.8.4

nlmidi tool

Web Version for Google Chrome for updates and file management
This version is recommended.






Usage of nlmidi command line tool

nlmidi is a simple command line tool. It does not work by double-clicking it, instead it needs to be started by typing commands in a command line / terminal window.

On Windows, you may simply double-click the above .bat files which open a command window and enter the commands automatically.
On OS X, you have to open a terminal window, change to the folder where you saved nlmidi02 and the update ROM(s) (this can be done by typing "cd ", dragging the folder on the terminal and hitting enter).

Update nanoloop one

- On Windows, double-click update176.bat
- On OS X, start nlmidi with the following line:
./nlmidi02 -send

- Turn on the Game Boy
- Hold SELECT down until the rhomb boot-logo appears
- Keep SELECT pressed and press START so that
- a little "n" appears below the rhomb
- On the PC, hit ENTER.

Nlmidi should now slowly count up to 64k. When it's done, the "n" should disappear. Press START to start nanoloop 1.7.3.

Update nanoloop 2

- On Windows, double-click update280.bat
- On OS X, start nlmidi with the following line:
./nlmidi02 -send nanoloop282.mb

- Turn on the Game Boy Advance
- Hold START+SELECT down until the Nintendo Logo disappears
- After a few seconds, "Nintendo" should re-appear, slowly blinking.
- nlmidi slowly counts up to 256k.
- When nlmidi is done, the Game Boy should display the nanoloop logo.
- Hold B pressed and press START+SEELCT.
- After a few seconds, the Game Boy should reboot.

(c) 1998-2015 Oliver Wittchow

"Game Boy" and "Game Boy Advance" are registered trade marks of Nintendo

Nintendo has not licensed, endorsed or approved of nanoloop.